Sunday, September 27, 2009

One day trip to Kalikesam & Muttom Beach - Part II

Muttom Beach
Muttom Beach is located around 16 kms from Nagercoil. Coming from Trivandrum, after Thuckalay you have to take the Kolachal road to go to Muttom Beach. The Tamilnadu Govt. has tried some landscaping here & you can find some small hut like structures from where you can view the sea. A word of caution - the sea is rough here & the rocks are very slippery, so please be very careful. Also there are thorny bushes on the way to the view point & the beach. There is also a light house near the beach. The quaint houses on the rocky ledges near the beach gives it a Mediterranean like appearance. Now for some pictures from Muttom beach.

The light house at Muttom Beach

Way to View Point. Note the thorny bushes by the side.

Cotton Clouds. You can also see the structures built by the Tamilnadu Govt. for tourists.

Some shots from View Point

Path to the beach

Some beach shots

Railings have been erected along the rocks for safety. It would be prudent not to venture beyond this point.

Some buildings close to the beach meant for facilities to tourists. They had not started functioning at the time of our visit.

One day trip to Kalikesam & Muttom Beach


Two weeks before Navarathri, one of my friends called me and asked me to plan a trip on 27th Sep (Sunday). He was interested in going to Achankovil in Kollam but I was not so keen on the place as it was the same route as Thenmala and we had done the route umpteen number of times. I had heard about Kalikesam long time back but was not able to go to the place till date. So I suggested the place to Bijoy. He was a bit hesitant at first, especialy as I said to him that I have no idea of how the place will be, but I promised to look up the place in the net. Google search yielded a good many results & the place looked promising in the photos. So I took note of the route and called Bijoy with the details. After hearing the details, he agreed to the place & so we fixed our destination as Kalikesam. We decided to go in the new Xylo purchased by him recently.

The Place: Kalikesam in Kanyakumari district. Following is the description of the place from Wikipedia.

Kalikesam, is a scenic spot in the Kanyakumari district in Tamilnadu, India which is famous for its thick forest and rubber plantations. The Kali temple situated here attracts many pilgrims. There is a rocky river with crystal clear water. It is a nice place for people who love peace and nature.

For more reading, go to Kalikesam - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The ride: Xylo E8

The Route: Trivandrum - Balaramapuram - Neyyattinkara - Kaiyikkavila - Thuckalay - Vadassery - Azhagiyapandiyapuram - Thadikarankonam - Keeripaarai - Kalikesam.

After reaching Keeripaarai there is a small bridge. The road forks onto two here - the left after the bridge goes to Kalikesam and the right after the bridge goes to Vattapaarai fals and Balamore Estate.

Total distance from Trivandrum: around 85 kms.

Facilities: It is better if you have your own vehicle. Otherwise you will have to rely on erratic State Govt. bus services from Nagercoil. Take food along with you if you want to spend some time here as there are no hotels nearby.

We had decided to start at 6 AM, but some unexpected delays saw us start only at 7 AM. If you are starting from Trivandrum to Kalikesam or any other place in this route, make sure that you start early in the morning befor the rush starts. This route has heavy traffic with bottle necks in between, especially in Balaramapuram. Luckily for us, the traffic was sparse as it was a holiday. We made good time and stopped for breakfast some 6 kms from Nagercoil. The hotel, Gowrisankara was a vegetarian hotel with good food and neat wash rooms. After finishing breakfast, we proceeded to Vadassery from where we turned left towards Kalikesam. This route is pretty scenic with thick vegetation and rubber plantations along the way. Some photos along the way.

Inside the Xylo

Scenery enroute to Kalikesam

Railway crossing

On the way we saw a clearing with a Banyan tree with lots of small cradles tied to the branches and a small idol beneath it. Stopped there and took some pictures of the place and ourselves.

My Partners in Crime (L-R) Bijoy, Narayan, Pradeep, Ashok, my BIL Dilesh
Our ride, Xylo

After the photo session we resumed our journey and reached Kalikesam around 10.30 AM. We thought we would be the only ones around as this is a slightly off - beat destination, but to our surprise there were already some people and more people were coming to the temple. Preparations were going on for the puja in the temple. The temple itself is a small one, but the scenery and the river flowing in front of the temple adds to the charm of the place.

 We started looking for a place where we could relax in the water. After walking some distance along the river side we found a good place and all of us except Pradeep took to the water. The river side and the river is full of rocks, so please be careful especially while crossing the river as it is easy to loose footing. The water was very cold and clear. But as it had rained the previous days, the locals had cautioned us to be careful while bathing in the river. Also the current was pretty strong in places, so we restrained ourselves and kept close to the banks. Still a rocking time was had by all.

Narrow trail

There is a trail through there!

Crystal clear water. Very very cold also.

Our Xylo in the "parking lot"

Shot on the way from Kalikesam

Coming up next, Muttom Beach.